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Chronological List of Books

This is a simplified list of the books I have so far identified as school shooting fiction. As of August 2021, there are 116 books.

Underlined and italicized book titles are embedded with links to item pages, which are also accessible through the Books Exhibit. Those not underlined will be updated with item pages soon!

1977. Bachman, Richard (pen name for Stephen King). Rage.
2000. Strasser, Todd. Give a Boy a Gun.
2001. Gardner, Lisa. The Third Victim.
2002. Henderson, Dee. The Healer.
2002. Jonjak, Ben. School Shooting.
2002. Kasischke, Laura. The Life Before Her Eyes.
2002. Mills-Macias, Kathi. The Price.
2002. Rempel, Mark A. Point Blank.
2003. Coupland, Douglas. Hey Nostradamus!
2003. Favole, Robert J. Monday Redux.
2003. Pierre, DBC. Vernon God Little.
2003. Prose, Francine. After.
2004. Myers, Walter Dean. Shooter.
2004. Rankin, Ian. A Question of Blood.
2004. Shepard, Jim. Project X.
2005. Adoff, Jaime. Names Will Never Hurt Me.
2005. Frye, Mark. School Shooter: In His Own Words.
2005. Lippman, Laura. To the Power of Three.
2005. Meyer, Adam. The Last Domino.
2005. Parker, Robert B. School Days.
2006. Childress, Mark. One Mississippi.
2006. Garden, Nancy. Endgame.
2007. Picoult, Jodi. Nineteen Minutes.
2007. Watson, C.G. Quad.
2008. Lamb, Wally. The Hour I First Believed.
2008. Tullson, Diane. Lockdown.
2009. Brown, Jennifer. Hate List.
2009. Dhami, Narinder. Bang, Bang, You're Dead!
2009. Draper, Sharon M. Just Another Hero.
2010. Erskine, Kathryn. Mockingbird.
2010. Lelic, Simon. A Thousand Cuts.
2010. Perona, Tony. Saintly Remains.
2011. Frank, Christian M. Catholic (Reluctantly).
2011. Griffin, Laura. Snapped.
2011. Slater, Sean. The Survivor.
2011. Van Cleave, Ryan G. Unlocked.
2012. Gudenkauf, Heather. One Breath Away.
2012. Hoffman, Cara. So Much Pretty.
2012. Lori, Ken. Most Pieces Are Scattered: Reflections of a High School Shooter.
2012. McDowell, Beck. This Is Not a Drill.
2012. Miles, Bruce A. The Shootings at Summerhill High School.
2012. Palmer, Liza. More Like Her.
2012. Shaw, Matt. The 8th: A Tale of Horror and Revenge.
2013. Andrews, Dan. The Journals of Taylor Hart: Inside the Mind of a School Shooter.
2013. Hassan, Michael. Crash and Burn.
2013. Lefevre, Michael D. He Was Weird.
2013. McMann, Lisa. Bang.
2013. Mussi, Sarah. Siege.
2013. Nesch, Thorsten. School Shooter.
2013. Quick, Matthew. Forgive Me, Leonard Peacock.
2013. Thompson, Jean. The Humanity Project.
2013. Vachss, Andrew. Aftershock.
2014. Clark, Marcia. The Competition.
2014. Crook, Elizabeth. Monday, Monday.
2014. Ferrell, Charity. Beneath Our Faults.
2014. Holmes, Steena. Stillwater Rising.
2014. Hubbard, Jenny. And We Stay.
2014. Laqueur, Suanne. The Man I Love.
2014. Nielsen, Susin. The Reluctant Journal of Henry K. Larson.
2014. Scott, Ginger. This Is Falling.
2015. Banash, Jennifer. Silent Alarm.
2015. Barker, Kathryn. In the Skin of a Monster.
2015. Collins, Myfanwy. The Book of Laney.
2015. Hoobler, Thomas. Come Sit by Me.
2015. Hutchinson, Shaun David, et al. Violent Ends.
2015. Knoll, Jessica. Luckiest Girl Alive.
2015. Reardon, Bryan. Finding Jake.
2015. Smith, Neil. Boo.
2015. Steele, Stephanie. Are You Okay?
2015. Walden, S. Interim.
2015. Welsh, Lisa. The School Shooter.
2016. Bietz, Kara. Until I Break.
2016. Combs, Sarah. The Light Fantastic.
2016. Giolito, Malin Persson. Quicksand.
2016. Kerick, Mia. The Art of Hero Worship.
2016. Leigh, Heather C. Killer.
2016. Nijkamp, Marieke. This Is Where It Ends.
2016. Panitch, Amanda. Damage Done.
2016. Pignat, Caroline. Shooter.
2016. Reichardt, Marisa. Underwater.
2016. Valente, Anne. Our Hearts Will Burn Us Down.
2017. Abis, David. Loser: Confessions of a High School Shooter.
2017. Han, Jimin. A Small Revolution.
2017. Hellwig, Keith. Morning Will Come.
2017. King, Laurie R. Lockdown.
2017. Slaughter, Karin. The Good Daughter.
2017. Tata, AJ. Besieged.
2018. Armstrong, Kelley. Aftermath.
2018. Block, Stefan Merrill. Oliver Loving.
2018. Caletti, Deb. A Heart in a Body in the World.
2018. Claflin, Stacy. Against All Odds.
2018. Davis, Siobhan. Surviving Amber Springs.
2018. Dell, B.K. How to Stop a School Shooting.
2018. Gilbert, Julie C. Beyond Broken Pencils: A School Shooting Tale of Heartbreak and Healing.
2018. Jade, Ashley. Fold.
2018. Keplinger, Kody. That's Not What Happened.
2018. Kulle, Mustafa. School Shooter.
2018. Leveen, Tom. Mercy Rule.
2018. Loren, Roni. The Ones Who Got Away.
2018. McAllister, Tom. How to Be Safe.
2018. McKee, Jonathan. Bystanders.
2018. Methos, Victor. The Shotgun Lawyer.
2018. Navin, Rhiannon. Only Child.
2019. Conway, D.P. Fallen: The Story of a School Shooter.
2019. Easton, Eli. Boy Shattered.
2019. Hart, Callie. The Rebel of Raleigh High.
2019. Mayhew, Julie. Mother Tongue.
2019. McElhaney, Scott. Manifesto.
2019. Moldover, Joseph. Every Moment After.
2019. Swerdlow, David. Television Man.
2020. Lawson, Liz. The Lucky Ones.
2020. Lupton, Rosamund. Three Hours.
2020. Bliss, Bryan. Thoughts & Prayers.
2021. Warga, Jasmine. The Shape of Thunder.
2021. Isler, Emily Barth. Aftermath.
2021. McCauley, Kyrie. We Can Be Heroes.